Tri-State Iron Works


On-site iron and steel service


With our engineering and fabrication experience, design/build projects are a natural fit for us. We are capable of preparing plans to meet all objectives and specifications. Sometimes designs require simplifying to fit a budget. Our experience and expertise plays an important role in providing a plan to complete the job.


Building Information Models (BIMs) are an important part of every project. Accurately detailed 3D structural models make every project run smoothly and more efficient. Tri-State relies on having those 3D model drawings at installations to guide the process.

Industry Leader

Tri-State Iron Works uses Tekla Structures BIM software. Tekla is an industry leader and sets the standard for building information modeling covering the process from design to fabrication, erection, and construction management. Learn more about Tekla. Visit the Tekla site.

Fully Equipped

Along with a qualified and experienced work force, Tri-State owns a fleet of trucks fully equipped to handle everything at an installation site. All the tools, welders, and rigging equipment are available to handle the anticipated work, and also the unanticipated. Many projects have 'surprises' that could slow down the process, but we are prepared to overcome almost any unexpected issue with experience, creativity, and the right equipment. In fact, we are often asked to handle aspects of a project normally outside of our service area. We have assisted with fiberglass, in-bed grating, manhole installation, and more. Sometimes we get a 'come help us' call to go in and complete a job after the structural work is done. We will handle the miscellaneous and unfinished work to get the job done.

We also take great care in the site protection and appearance for every project. Cleaning up is an expected part of the job, but we like to go the extra mile. Often times our work is performed in a surrounding of other structures—man made or natural—which must be protected. Whether it's operating cranes and heavy equipment in a manner to protect other work, structures, trees, etc., or adding protective measures such as plywood sheets to cover poured concrete, we take care of the sites we work at.