Tri-State Iron Works


Miscellaneous Iron and Steel

In addition to providing and installing structural steel, Tri-State Iron Works has developed a reputation for fabricating other items necessary in the building process, as well as for miscellaneous projects. Consistent with our high quality, attention to detail, and safety conscious methods, we design, create, deliver, and install. These items range from standard building requirements such as stairs and railings, to specialized custom projects. Our proven ability to deliver a product and provide creative thinking drawn from years of experience is what brings existing and new customers to us when they need someone to just 'get it done.'

Finishing the Product

Often times we are asked to put a finish on the product before delivery or installation. Our standard finish is prime paint, but we sometimes apply finishes which offer added beauty and protection such as galvanized, powder coat, or Colorgalv® (Colorgalv® is a registered trademark of Duncan Galvanizing).

Sample of miscellaneous projects:

  • Stairs – concrete fitted pan stairs, bar grate
  • Ladders – caged, elevator pit, roof hatch
  • Fire Escapes
  • Railings – ramp rails, picket, mesh, z-line pipe, ornamental
  • Bollards – embedded, surface mounted, decorative
  • Loading Dock Frames
  • Canopies – overhead door, drive-through, weather protection
  • Tools – custom, replacements
  • Machinery – bracings, mounts, parts
miscellaneous iron and steel projects