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Early Years

Tri-State Iron Works is owned and operated by Ken McLaren. In 1975, Ken started a small metal working business called Concord Press Brake, fabricating metal parts for the trucking industry as well as providing specialty parts for other miscellaneous needs in the area. After five years, Ken purchased Tri-State Iron Works which had already been in business since the late 1950's. Tri-State had an existing reputation for fabricating ornamental stair rails, balconies, fire escapes, and steel stairs.

Expanding to Meet Customer Needs

Eventually, at the request of a steady customer base, Tri-State began to supply structural steel and developed a reputation as a reliable source for builders and contractors for their columns, beams, joists, decking, and more. Our warehouse and shop contains the necessary machinery and tools to accommodate the needs of our customers.
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Getting the Job Done

With a qualified, experienced, and certified staff, Tri-State provides reliable installation service for all items we produce. Our fully-equipped welding trucks and staff can handle any job, including the unexpected ones. Our customers rely on Tri-State to fabricate and install any structural or miscellaneous metals, producing the added value of trusting only one company for all their metal needs.
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Early Years

Tri-State maintains a stellar safety record. Our commitment to training and certification is on-going, exceeding OSHA requirements. While others might consider it an option to hold pre-erection meetings, Tri-State will not proceed at any installation without one. To be compliant with OSHA, we require written, site-specific plans for every job we work at.


Over the years, Ken has built the business with a commitment to employees. He invests in them and provides a culture where they feel a part of the team. Most employees have been with the company for many years and express a desire to stay. Ken understands the value of a good employee and tries to extend that value back to each of them.